Adobo Prime Rib Poutine

Fries topped with fontina cheese, shaved roasted prime rib and Filipino adobo sauce. Oh man, the fries were delicious even though they’re just fries. The meat and the adobo sauce made it so savoury and addicting. 

Milestone’s Raspberry Mimosa

This is a cocktail from their brunch menu.

Spanish Paella with Shrimp

It’s basically rice infused with tomatoes, meats and wine. What’s not to love? You can flavour it however you want! Recipe coming soon!

Toast, Eggs, Salsa

Another breakfast post! Toasted rye bread with butter. Pan fried 2 sunny sides, and topped it off with a fresh tomato and cucumber salsa with garlic,  balsamic vinegar and hot sauce. I’m ready for Spring! 

Grilled Cheese with Rye Bread

I can’t stand Dempster’s or Wonder bread anymore. Maybe it’s from eating too much of it in elementary through to high school. I’ve been eating rye bread for years now. Here, I’ve added some smoked turkey meat and bacon. Browned the outside with mayo and melted rubbery processed cheese on the inside. 

Milagro Cantina

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5 Mercer Street, Toronto

Milagro is an authentic, cozy restaurant filled with beautiful Mexican culture and décor. The restaurant is located in the middle of Toronto between the financial and fashion districts. You’ll find that Milagro is more than a restaurant that serves tacos, burritos and enchiladas. The family of Milagro is passionate to bring together food, drink and good company. 


Rosa Canela  |  Bourbon, red vermouth, pomegranate tequila, cinnamon stick and orange peel


Guacamole Con Totopos  |  aguacate, cilantro, serrano chiles, tomato, onion and lime


Milagrito ‘Ven A Mi’ Mezcal Reposado  |  A shot of tequila and orange juice as a chaser

We started of with cocktails, guacamole and a shot of tequila. Fresh and addicting. I found myself snacking on this throughout the entire dinner.


Ensalada Cesar  |  Romaine, egg, anchovy, parmesan and garlic vinaigrette


Tostadita De Pulpo  |  Crisp tortilla with octopus and chipotle ceviche

Sope Plazero  |  Corn masa base, pork carnitas, warm tomatilla-serrano salsa and crema

There were three dishes of appetizers. The first was a fresh Cesar, the romaine was crisp and the vinaigrette was creamy and zesty. The next two items were served together. Tostadita de pulpo and sope plazero. The octopus was poached to perfection, tossed in a beautifully seasoned crunchy salsa. It was fresh and light compared to the next savoury and creamy snack. The sope plazero had an interesting corn masa base and it soaked up all the delicious juices from the pork and salsa. The sweetness from the pork and the creaminess from the cheese balanced the heat from the tomatilla-serrano salsa. I could eat this all day, yum!


Michelada  |  Negra Modela with fresh lime and a salted rim


Cochinita Pibil  |  Achiote marinated pulled pork, pickled habanero onions and fried plantains


Pierna De Cordero  |  Braised lamb shank in chile guajillo and mezcal sauce


Mole Poblano  |  Roasted chicken, poblano style red mole

And the food just kept coming, next were the entrees. All three dishes were served with steaming corn tortillas. First up was marinated pulled pork with pickled habanero onions, refried beans and fried plantain. The pulled pork was savoury and full of spices, the plantains were sweet and the onions were VERY spicy! Three or four strands of those onions were more than enough in my tortilla, I couldn’t handle the heat! I was most excited about the lamb shank. It’s braised in chile guajillo, mezcal sauce with carrots and potatoes. My favourite dishes are usually braised meats with tons of spices and herbs. The meat always turns out tender and the flavours have a lot of time to mingle together to form something spectacular. The lamb shank was fall-off-the-bone tender and insanely flavourful. The next item that I got to dump over my corn tortilla was chicken mole. Before this meal, I’ve never heard, seen or tasted mole. Chef Arturo informed us that mole is traditionally made with 20+ ingredients and it’s finished with cocoa at the end. Although the sauce wasn’t sweet, I could taste the cocoa. I was really unfamiliar with the taste and texture of this sauce, so it didn’t stand out like some of the other dishes.


Flan De Queso Al Caramelo  |  Homestyle cheese flan with burnt sugar sauce

Natilla De Cajeta  |  Creamy custard with goat’s milk cajeta and bruleed sugar

I was afraid of not having enough room to eat dessert because I was stuffing my face with all the other dishes. No worries, I was able to consume the final dish of the night. The cheese flan was rich, creamy, slightly heavy with a slight bitter after-taste. I enjoyed the smooth creaminess of it though. The other dessert was a creamy custard that taste like melted caramel, YUM. 

Gamjatang Hot Pot

This is Gamjatang (pork bone soup) in a hot pot! We added extra tofu and noodles. It’s served with rice and little Korean side dishes. Oh god it was so delicious. It’s spicy, soupy and meaty with deep flavours. One of my favourites.

Fusion Big Breakfast

A Western breakfast would be bacon, eggs and toast. Since we regularly have Asian foods in our fridge, I get to add extra yummy sides to my breakfast! Dumped between the eggs are spicy cucumbers with garlic. Above that are some Asian-style spicy pork chops and spicy sliced pig ears. Yes, they sound terrifying, but they’re crunchy, chewy and delicious.

London Fog Latte

My friend, Bobby, ordered this from Mulberry Street Cafe.