Fusion Big Breakfast

A Western breakfast would be bacon, eggs and toast. Since we regularly have Asian foods in our fridge, I get to add extra yummy sides to my breakfast! Dumped between the eggs are spicy cucumbers with garlic. Above that are some Asian-style spicy pork chops and spicy sliced pig ears. Yes, they sound terrifying, but they’re crunchy, chewy and delicious.

London Fog Latte

My friend, Bobby, ordered this from Mulberry Street Cafe.

Ginger Molasses Cookie

A delicious and soft cookie from Mulberry Street Cafe.

More Tacos

I had some deep fried pork leftovers and I decided to devour them in taco form. It was so NOM.

Steak Tacos

Topped these off with salsa, gouda cheese, refried beans, spicy sour cream and a sprinkle of corriander. 

Dim Sum

Water chestnut steamed cake. It’s more like a dense sweet jello with water chestnuts, and it’s my favourite!

Dim Sum

Steamed rice noodle roll with shrimp.

Dim Sum

Steamed ham hock.

Dim Sum

Siu mai. Steamed pork dumplings