The Delicious Food Show 2014

The Delicious Food Show is a 3-day event that includes cooking demos, tastings, workshops, book signings and appearances by Food Network and international celebrity chefs. Here, you can find exhibitors from local and international businesses showcasing what they have to offer. The exhibition is easy to navigate: Food trucks, workshop areas, Abbey’s Kitchen Pavilion and the celebrity stage are located on the outer areas, while all the exhibitors are neatly placed in the middle.

The first station Sally and I visited was Samuel Adams’ Lobster Shack, it was also conveniently placed by the entrance! They were offering two dishes and 3 beers, lobster taco, lobster roll, Boston Lager, IPA and Octoberfest. Since we’re both taco lovers, we chose the taco. Overall, the taco was alright with little to no lobster flavor. Maybe we should’ve ordered the lobster roll. 

We walked up and down the aisles and started our sampling tour right away, with no time to waste. Throughout the day, there were workshops, book signings and appearance by celebrity chefs. Consumers were able to watch and ask questions while the chefs cooked up yummy dishes on stage.

There were tons of exhibitors showcasing their products and so many of them also provided free samples. You could find cured meats, specialty peanut butter, tequila, specialty donuts, coffee, kitchenware, authentic cuisines, ice cream, beer and lots more. I didn’t want to eat too much before reaching Abbey’s Kitchen Pavilion, but it was impossible. In this pavilion, 8 restaurants showcase 2 dishes and battle it out to take home the grand prize. 

Our first dish was Cajun wings from Home of the Brave. Beautifully presented and executed, the skin was crispy and the chicken was tender. It was peppery and spicy with a nice balance from the ranch sauce. This was one of the favourites!

Our next dish was the pork belly crepe from Hudson Kitchen. The fatty pork sat on a thin crepe that acted like a soft taco. It was garnished with pickled onions and carrots. It was flavourful with contrasting textures. Definitely a top contender!

We made our way to DaiLo and ordered the shrimp and pork wontons with green curry Thai sauce. The presentation of the dish looked bland with no colour, just wontons with sauce poured over it. The sauce was good, but the meat inside the wontons needed work. Any Asian mom can school these boys in a cook-off.

Finally, we needed dessert to top off our bellies. We went with the ricotta cheesecake with fresh Ontario pears from The Good Son. It was the perfect dessert to end the day. Creamy and light with a delicious crust topped with yummy pears. Another dish that I really enjoyed.

In the end, the top 4 restaurants competed in front of a panel of judges. Hudson Kitchen rose to the top with their pork belly crepe taco! Congrats!

Hey look! It’s Mark McEwan!

Next year I will come prepared on an empty stomach and eat lunch and dinner here. So much to sample with some free goodies here and there.

*This post is sponsored by Samuel Adams Canada.