WVRST, Toronto

The food was good, the atmosphere was alright. It’s like a sophisticated and modern cafeteria with a bar. Oh, and you have to wait in line for food. 

How to order: First, you pick your sausage. Then, you pick two toppings out of four (1. sweet sauteed onions 2. sauerkraut 3. sauteed jalapenos 4. sweet peppers). The four sausages in this photograph are: elk, bratwurst, duck, and elk. 

I’m all for trying new meat, so I chose elk. For the toppings, I went with sweet sauteed onions and sweet peppers. In my sausage, they seasoned it with cumin and porcini mushrooms. The mushrooms really stood out and the flavour of the elk meat was subtle. It wasn’t a recognizable taste, but it also wasn’t a strange taste. The bun was excellent. 

We also ordered duck fat fries with maple/rosemary dip and chive/garlic dip. I’m not sure what was so special about duck fat fries, I guess they were deep fried in duck fat? But they taste exactly like regular fries, definitely nothing special. The dipping sauces were pretty typical, they have a few different ones to choose from.

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