57 Discovery Drive, Hamilton, ON

I came here with my mom for dinner at 6:00 on a Wednesday. They had 2-3 other tables while we were there. Ouch! I read a bunch of reviews on Urban Spoon so I expected it to be fairly bad. Well, it wasn’t amazingly good, but it wasn’t as terrible as I expected it to be. It was enjoyable, but a bit pricey for the amount of food. It’s in a beautiful location right on the water and the restaurant itself is beautiful. But maybe they’re trying too hard to be fancy like the Toronto restaurants. It’s great that they use local ingredients, but I’m not sure if a lot of Hamiltonians will pay for these prices! Also, their menu is tiny, not a lot of vegetarian options.. even though I’m not vegetarian. 

Onto the food. My mom ordered the scallops. It pains me that her dish was $27…. TWENTY SEVEN DOLLARS for three scallops. The rice cake it sits on was delicious though. I ordered the dry aged strip loin with gnocchi. I ordered a medium rare, does that look like a medium rare? Or have I been eating undercooked medium rare all my life? I guess my steak was OK, the tips were as dry as beef jerky though. I think they tried to go with a new and different sauce for the steak with asian flavours, it was weird and really peppery. 

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