Cho Dang Tofu

9601 South Tacoma Way, Lakewood

I visited Washington State last week and Justice brought me to his favourite tofu soup restaurant in Lakewood. This restaurant specializes in Korean tofu soup, also known as Soondubu. They also serve a few other Korean dishes and Korean BBQ. I went with the mixed soondubu, which has a mix of meats and seafood. Justice went with the bacon soondubu. Our meal came with one deep fried fish and 6 dishes of banchan. Everything was yummy. I’ve never been to a Korean restaurant in Canada that served a whole deep fried fish with my order of soondubu. Apparently it’s normal here. Our soups came out bubbling with a bowl of rice. I actually preferred Justice’s bacon soondubu because it was more flavourful. 

The serving size was too much for me. Great restaurant to try out if you live around or plan to visit Lakewood, Tacoma or Seattle. It is also located in the same plaza as Paldo - a Korean supermarket where you can find a lot of products from East Asia. Paldo also has a food court! We stopped by for spicy rice cakes - you can find my post about it here!

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