Chucks Burger Bar

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194 Locke Street South, Hamilton

They have a small seating area with a bar set up and a few bar tables. I’m guessing they can only fit about 25-30 people! So get their early for lunch or dinner if you want a spot. Or you can do take-out. Their menu selection is huge, took us about 10 minutes to read through and decide what to get. Our waitress was super patient with us too, great service. I just went for one of their ‘Favourites’, Spanish Gouda and Wild Mushrooms. 

Spanish Gouda and Wild Mushrooms  |  1/2 lb of angus beef, 2 year old Spanish gouda, sauteed wild mushroom, chive and black pepper mayo [$14]

My burger was stacked high with fries, slaw and a pickle as sides. The fries were delicious and the slaw was fresh and crunchy with a surprising kick of heat. The burger was cooked to a medium-well, but I probably could have gone for a medium. Mushrooms, cheese, pickles, onions, tomatoes and lettuce were layered on top, and everything was sandwiched with a soft bun. Even when I squished everything together, the burger was too big to get everything in one bite. Overall, it was delicious and juicy. My mouth is watering as I write this. I also loved the slaw. Ok, I loved everything on the dish. I want to go back for more, I’ll try the lamb burger next! Or the bacon burger.. oh my god or the poutines!

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