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Cafe Cogo

Egg noodles in soup with beef tendon and brisket. 

Prince of Seafood Restaurant

Saucy clams and fried noodles. This dish was the worst dish of the night. You’d think they would create a sauce that would compliment the sweetness of the clams. Nope, the sauce was overly sour, and it just tasted weird. 

Congee Queen in Scarborough

Slightly deep fried turnip cake cubes! This restaurant is famous for these cubes. Crunchy outer shell with a soft interior, tossed in some delicious peppers and chillies. 

Congee Queen in Scarborough

Wontons in soup. This place makes some pretty good wontons. Whole shrimp, and cooked right. 

Food Dude’s Food Truck

We also shared a chicken quesadilla. It was topped with a corn salsa and a coriander cream. 

Food Dude’s Food Truck

Had to share this yummy pork shoulder. The cheddar jalapeño biscuit is amazing. 

Food Dudes’ Food Truck

Nuit Blanche was this past weekend in Toronto! Food Dudes, we meet again.

Furama Bakery in Toronto

This. I get these every time I visit my brother in Toronto :D

Furama Bakery in Toronto

They have amazing fried chicken sandwiches. I don’t know what it is about the sandwiches… the chicken is deep fried perfectly. NOM.

Nak Won Korean Restaurant 

Some kind of spicy fish dish, that tasted really weird.