Earth to Table Bread Bar

Earth to Table is a local restaurant that is conscious of using fresh ingredients from local farmers, great design and creating traditional meals with a new twist. Their philosophy is to “shorten the gap between producers to consumer”, and I think they’ve done a beautiful job. The restaurant is located in Hamilton Downtown, on a beautiful street that is also home to many beautiful shops, cafes and restaurants.

258 Locke Street south, Hamilton  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Website  |  Instagram  |  Menu  |  Map

Taco | Pulled pork and kimchi | $2.50
Taco | Pulled pork and kimchi | $2.50
Sandwich | Prochetta on a Bun | $10
Sandwich | Prochetta on a Bun | $10

I went with 2 friends (Michelle and Bob) on a Tuesday night, and it was coincidentally Taco Tuesday. After looking through the selection of tacos, I decided with the Pulled Pork Taco topped with Kimchi as an appetizer, and ordered Porchetta on a Bun as my main.

The taco was all wrapped up in a warm corn tortilla. I’m not sure what exactly was piled onto the taco, but whatever was in it made me happy. You could taste the zing and the savoury flavours of the ingredients. Next was my porchetta on a bun. Thin shaved slices of porchetta piled onto an airy soft bun. I loved that the chef’s paid attention to the ratio between the bun and the star ingredient. The light bun definitely compliment the thin texture of the porchetta. It was also balanced by some spicy heat and a cheesy crunch. It was definitely a beautiful sandwich.

Drink | Ginger Beer
Drink | Ginger Beer
Burger | Ol'Blue Burger with fries | $15
Burger | Ol’Blue Burger with fries | $15
Main | Mac and Cheese with a Side Salad | $13
Main | Mac and Cheese with a Side Salad | $13

Bob ordered a Ginger Beer and Ol’ Blue Burger. And Michelle ordered Mac and Cheese. Everything looked insanely delicious.

I only have good things to say about this restaurant! I love it so much, I will be back soon. Other than the immaculate food, the restaurant itself was well designed with bright bold colours mimicking the bright fresh ingredients. Great atmosphere all around!

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