Jack & Lois

It was patio season, so we decided to check out Jack & Lois’ patio! I was meeting three other girls at the restaurant, so my plan was to go through the restaurant and straight back to the patio. Well, apparently you can’t access the patio through the restaurant, you have to “follow the arrows”. Why did it have to be a treasure hunt? Could have just said, “Walk out, turn left and left again at the corner. And the patio will be beside the parking lot.” Looking out from the restaurant, there were 3 sets of arrows. Was the patio somewhere else and not attached to the restaurant? The correct set of arrows were on the pavement, so follow those. It’s behind the restaurant.

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We were greeted with menus and water. While we were deciding, our waitress was running around taking orders, cleaning tables and serving food all by herself. She was busy. I also overheard the table behind us making comments that they’ve been waiting a while for their food and asked the waitress to check up on it. Great, so there’s gonna be a wait. I didn’t anticipate to wait over an hour for the food, but we did. We sat there talking and watching other tables get their food. We kept hoping that the next ones to come out would be ours, but we were wrong. The sun was hot and we were getting very impatient. Like I said, after an hour and a bit our food finally made it to our table.

The Hummingbird | $8
The Hummingbird | $8

I was determined to get a breakfast plate.  I ended up going with the Hummingbird – 2 sunny side eggs, hash browns, grilled American cheese, breakfast sausage, bacon, and fruit. I definitely couldn’t finish my plate, all that for $8! Not bad. It was greasy, salty, peppery and delicious. That super thin grilled cheese was simple, but it was perfectly crispy.

The Good Luck Sandwich | $9
The Good Luck Sandwich | $9
The Soprano Burger | $10
The Soprano Burger | $10

I tried a bit of Sally’s Good Luck Sandwich – layers of peameal bacon, aged cheddar, caramelized onions on a garlic toasted bun from Cake & Loaf Bakery. The bun was soft and garlic-y, the caramelized onions were flavourful and the peameal bacon was tender. I didn’t try any of the Soprano, but it looked bomb.

By the time we got our food, we were starving. I think we enjoyed stuffing our faces so much that we forgot our food took an hour to get to us. I’m not sure if I’m up for waiting around again, so I’m not sure if I’ll be back. Food was decent, service was mediocre (they need more staff) and the wait was painful.
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