Manitoulin Rainbow Trout [$23]


Quatrefoil is a gorgeous restaurant that sits on Sydenham Street in Dundas within a friendly neighbourhood. From their service to their tableware, I could immediately tell that they pay attention to the details. The atmosphere was elegant with an expensive yet fresh taste in decor, which was also reflected in the food. The weather was cooperating that Saturday afternoon, so the patio was a must. The patio area was shaded by trees and umbrellas, perfect for food photography.

16 Sydenham Street, Dundas  |  Twitter  |  Website  |  Menu  |  Map

Right after we ordered, a plate of pastries and butter came to the table. The 2 little puff balls were airy and cheesy, I could eat 10 of those. Also, the pastry sticks were light, flaky and tasty! These were great to snack on while we waited for our food.

Bread and Pastries
Bread and Pastries
Manitoulin Rainbow Trout | $23
Manitoulin Rainbow Trout | $23

I ordered the Manitoulin Rainbow Trout [$23]. It rested on a bed of spinach risotto, garnished with heirloom tomatoes, summer squash and bouillabaisse sauce. This dish was a work of art, presentation wise and taste wise. The pop of colour from the spinach risotto gave it so much contrast! The fish was flaky and tender with a deliciously crispy skin. All the ingredients and sauce complimented the delicate fish. This was also my first time having risotto! It was creamy and cheesy with a bit of a bite. I loved that the heirloom tomatoes and summer squash were lightly cooked. Oh man, the bouillabaisse sauce, I should have scooped everything up with the bread. This dish was perfect for my first meal of the day. It wasn’t heavy and it didn’t have overpowering flavours, I was satisfied.

Baby Gem Salad | $12
Baby Gem Salad | $12
Ricotta Gnocchi | $14
Ricotta Gnocchi | $14

Elaine ordered the Baby Gem Salad [$12] and the Ricotta Gnocchi [$14]. The baby gem was accompanied by pickled beets, strawberries, red onion, feta and black peppercorn ranch. The gnocchi consisted of tomatoes, patty pan squash, shaved Parmesan and basil emulsion. You can definitely tell that presentation is important to these guys!


We finished our lunch with these cute and decadent desserts. This was my first time eating a macaroon, another first! The shell was airy and tin, the filling was creamy and sweet. Both desserts were dainty and sweet. From what I remember, I think the filling of the macaroon was strawberry based and the chocolate truffle filling was rhubarb based.

The restaurant is sophisticated with fun and creative elements to the dishes. This is a place where you can appreciate French cuisine and local ingredients prepared by talented, local chefs. A lovely restaurant for date night or a celebratory dinner. You will definitely be treated well here!

Quatrefoil Upstairs Dining Room

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    • No problem! Make a reservation before you go! There are also tons of stores on Main Street worth checking out while you’re over there… and hiking trails/waterfalls if you’re into that! You can easily spend a whole day in Dundas.

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