Meat Platter 1

Royal Meats

My brother suggested we try this restaurant for my birthday dinner, not only are they a restaurant but they are also butchers! It’s easy to find with plenty of parking spaces. They have a decent indoor dining area and on the patio. We were only inside for a brief moment because we decided to sit on the patio. I also caught a glimpse of their selection of raw meats at the counter. Not only can you enjoy their cooked meats at the restaurant, you can bring home their uncooked meat to enjoy at home! The seats on the patio weren’t the most comfortable. Two flastscreens were mounted outside for entertainment while we waited for our food.

710 Kipling Avenue, Etobicoke  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Website  |  Menu  |  Map

Meat Platter 1
Meat Platter 1 | $40
Fruit and Almond Salad with Calamari
Fruit and Almond Salad with Calamari | $14

We decided to order a meat platter and a salad to share. The platter came with delicious, airy bread called lepinya buns, a royal burger, chicken breast, pork shish kabobs, smoked sausage and chevaps. It also came with a few sauces and they were phenomenal. We also got a calamari salad. The calamari was crispy and tender, it went well with the fresh salad. You’d think four adults would be able to finish this meal, but we weren’t even close. There was so much meat, it filled us up pretty quickly. I gladly ate the leftovers the next day, everything was so well-seasoned. When I come back, I’ll try their seafood selection.

Royal Meats Restaurant
Royal Meats Restaurant

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2 thoughts on “Royal Meats

  1. I’m so surprised with the struggle that you four had to finish this! What a great price for that amount of good food. Definitely curious of this spot.

    • I’m definitely gonna go back during the summer. So much flavour in all the meats and salad we ordered. I found it awesome that they have a counter for their meats so you can cook it at home!

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