Kekou Gelato

Kekou Gelato

After grabbing some ramen at Ryu’s Noodle Bar down the street, we stopped by Kekou Gelato for dessert. Inside you’ll find a selection of gelato in steel canisters along with their kitchen where they develop Asian-inspired flavours. The interior is open, bright and welcoming. I started to get really excited to read all their flavours.

13 Baldwin Street, Toronto  |  Website

Kekou Gelato
Kekou Gelato | Jasmine Tea & Vietnamese Coffee

The ones that caught my eye were Jasmine Tea and Vietnamese Coffee. Of course I was able to taste test them before I got a small cup of both flavours. The Jasmine Tea was perfection. The tea itself is already subtle in flavour, so my expectation of it wasn’t too high. But oh boy, they captured the flavour really well. A balance of the Jasmine flavour, light, milky texture and sweetness. The Vietnamese Coffee was just as good. The coffee itself is strong, creamy and sweet. This gelato was like eating a lighter version of the coffee without the heavy milky feeling left on your tongue from drinking the coffee! There are tons of flavours to try next time I visit and I can’t wait!

Kekou Gelato
Kekou Gelato

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