Rare Beef & Beef Balls with Rice Noodle Soup

Pho Binh Minh

My family has been coming here for years. It’s a bit tricky to get to, my advice is to park at No Frills and walk over. It’s located by the intersection of Mohawk and Upper James beside the No Frills plaza. The decor and atmosphere is homey, spacious and authentic.

740 Upper James Street, Hamilton  |  Website  |  Menu  |  Map

Rare Beef & Beef Balls with Rice Noodle Soup
Rare Beef & Beef Balls with Rice Noodle Soup | $6.50 (small)
Beansprouts and basil
Beansprouts and basil

Once in a while we’ll come here when we’ve been to Pho Dau Bo, Spice Avenue or Royal Pho too many times. These guys also make an awesome avocado milkshake. The noodles here are thin and the soup is flavourful and clear. Plus, the beansprouts and basil leaves are fresh. Other than pho, they have a variety of noodle soups, rice, vermicelli and stir fry items. Other favourites include Bun Rieu and Bun Bo Hue. They are both noodle soups with insane flavours. Bun Bo Hue is spicy but it’s an adventure for your taste buds. It’s a great restaurant to introduce to your family and friends. The attitude of the staff varies, they’re pretty casual. I don’t mind the service, it’s not like I’m paying insane amounts for my food.

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