Crispy Chicken Wrap | $12.25

Symposium Cafe

My friends have been raving about this restaurant in Guelph and they finally opened one in Ancaster. The restaurant is easy to spot, located right off Wilson Street. Their parking lot is huge, but weirdly designed. Inside, it has high ceilings with dark and sophisticated decor. The warm lighting is comforting and the staff are very friendly and attentive.Read More »

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Cavallo Nero

This Italian restaurant is located in the same plaza as Tim Hortons and Indian Village in Downtown Ancaster – on Wilson Street. There is plenty of parking on the street and in the parking lot behind the restaurant. We’ve seen many restaurants come and go in this space, but I think Cacallo Nero is here to stay. The restaurant has a classic menu with contemporary additions. The décor is also classic with black and white interiors and beautiful marble tables. The white walls are accented with black fixtures, furniture and beautiful art. A bar occupies the left wall lined with bottles of liquor and win all the way to the ceiling. The dining area is large with an additional private dining area off to the right.Read More »


Burger’s Priest

During my internship in Toronto, I was aware of a lot of food joints around Queen and Spadina. It was actually pretty difficult trying to pick a restaurant for lunch because there were just SO many of them. Every time I passed by this restaurant, there would be a line out the door. Sally and I made out way there a bit before the lunch-rush and beat the line.Read More »