Crispy Chicken Wrap | $12.25

Symposium Cafe

My friends have been raving about this restaurant in Guelph and they finally opened one in Ancaster. The restaurant is easy to spot, located right off Wilson Street. Their parking lot is huge, but weirdly designed. Inside, it has high ceilings with dark and sophisticated decor. The warm lighting is comforting and the staff are very friendly and attentive.

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Calamari  |  $12.25
Calamari | $12.25


Shrimp Fusilli  |  $16.95
Shrimp Fusilli | $16.95


During my first visit, we all shared a plate of calamari to start. Crunchy and tender, it was cooked well. The downfall of going to a restaurant right after its grand opening is waiting for the staff to get into the flow of things. I understand not all restaurants are like this, but we were unfortunate and waited about an hour for food. At least our server came by to check up on us during our wait, plus I had good company. I ordered the shrimp fusili and the others ordered burgers. Apparently the burgers were a hit, they looked thick and juicy with yummy toppings. My pasta had a bit of heat and the tomato sauce was delicious with the shrimp, maybe it was the brandy rose in the sauce. I was stuffed and had to take my leftovers home.



We also decided to take a look at their cakes in the display case. I needed time to digest what I just ate but I couldn’t pass up the decadent looking cakes! I went with the cookie dough cheesecake. Rich, creamy and sweet with a beautiful crust. It was a fantastic dessert to end the night. Overall, good food, great atmosphere and friendly staff.

Crispy Chicken Wrap  |  $12.25
Crispy Chicken Wrap | $12.25


My second visit here went pretty smoothly. We waited for 5-10 minutes for a table during lunch hour. Our orders were taken fairly quickly and we waited about 15 minutes for food, maybe longer. I ordered a crispy chicken wrap with sweet potato fries. The fries were delicious! not too thick, the perfect width and a perfect crunchy crust. I think these were the best sweet potato fries I’ve had. My wrap was great as well. Stuffed inside were deep fried tender chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle slathered with a light honey mustard sauce. The sauce pulled all the ingredients together and it tasted so good, I also enjoyed the thin tortilla it was wrapped in.

I was afraid to come back after reading a few negative reviews, maybe they were just unlucky or I was just lucky.

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