Yummy Yam Roll | $12


A very intimate and dimly lite restaurant serving fancy Pan-Asian cuisine. The front dining area is really small, it could probably accommodate 25-30 people. There are a few more tables in the back room where the sushi bar is located. We celebrated Sally’s birthday at this interesting restaurant located on Ossington.

188 Ossington Ave, Toronto  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Website  |  Menu  |  Map

We were a group of 6 made up of industrial designers and graphic designers. We all appreciated the decor and tableware, but the only thing we tore apart was their menu. It didn’t represent the sophistication and class of the restaurant at all. It seemed like it was an after-thought.

Volcano Roll | $10
Volcano Roll | $10
Dynamite Roll  |  $6
Dynamite Roll | $6

We started off with a few sushi rolls. They tasted fresh and were presented beautifully. The Volcano Roll had salmon, tuna, avocado and spicy mayo topped with flying fish roe. It was a mouthful, but it was a delicious mouthful! The Dynamite Roll was pretty typical. Lots of contrast in textures from the crunchiness of the cucumbers to the tender shrimp. The Yummy Yam Roll (picture below) was nothing special. Phenomenal presentation and execution though, a great alternative to non fish eaters.

Yummy Yam Roll  |  $12
Yummy Yam Roll | $12
Black Cod  |  $10
Black Cod | $10
Chicken Satay  |  $6
Chicken Satay | $6

We also tried the Alaskan Black Cod. It was cooked to perfection, tender, flaky and moist. The Chicken Satay had a really nice miso sauce topping, would definitely re-order that one.

Deep Fried Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream  |  $10
Deep Fried Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream | $10
Sticky Rice with Mango
Sticky Rice with Mango

Desserts were also delicious. We ordered Deep Fried Bananas with Ice cream and Sticky Rice. The fried bananas were accompanied with fruit and a wafer roll! I loved the sticky rice with the mango, it brought me back to my childhood!

There seemed to be only 2 servers working that night, so we weren’t able to order our food right away or order our dessert when we made our decision. It’s irritating and unfortunate when a restaurant is understaffed, we definitely had a long drawn out dinner.

Our dining experience was intimate and enjoyable. The food was great for sharing and tasted fresh. And if you grew up in a typical Asian household, the dessert will give you a nostalgic trip!

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