The Beer Battered Haddock 2 pieces | $14.95

Gord’s Place

This sports bar is located right by the municipal buildings in Downtown St. Catharines. There is also plenty of parking on the street right outside the restaurant. Situated in a corner lot, Gord’s Place also has a patio in front of the building. The restaurant is spacious with the bar and dining area on the left and pool tables on the right. We were seated at the high tables in front of the bar with plenty of TVs to distract me from my company.

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Iced Tea

I didn’t expect a sports bar to use dainty, trendy mason jars as drinking glasses, but there they were! Between the four of us, we ordered a Lobster Knuckle Sandwich, California Chicken Sandwich, Grilled Fish and Fish and Chips.

Gord's Lobster Knuckle Sandwich | $15.95
Gord’s Lobster Knuckle Sandwich | $15.95


The chunks of tender lobster in my sandwich was tossed in lemon mayo, topped with lettuce and served on a soft bun. I liked that I could taste the freshness of the sweet lobster! We planned on playing a game of pool afterwards, but the sun tired us out earlier in the day at the beach.

The Beer Battered Haddock 2 pieces | $14.95
The Beer Battered Haddock 2 pieces | $14.95

Overall, I was comfortable and enjoyed my food. Our waitress was kind and patient, great service!

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