Chicago Pizza

Chicago Style Pizza Shack

My most recent trip to Chicago Pizza was super filling, as always. They recently renovated the space and it looks beautiful. It’s much more spacious, brightly lit and modern with murals of Italian landscapes. Their specialty is Chicago deep dish pizza, hence the name. Although the name says Chicago, the menu and the interior are definitely more Italian than American. I came here with my parents and we had no trouble finding a table. Other times I’ve been here the dining room and the waiting area were packed. Come early or make a reservation! The menu consists of your typical pasta dishes, entrees and pizza options. Nothing too out of the ordinary, I enjoyed the basic dishes.

534 Upper Sherman Avenue, Hamilton  |   Map

We ordered the Chicago special stuffed pizza and a veal scallopini. While we waited, we snacked on cold bread and a deliciously fresh salad with Italian dressing. I also realized how much I love an acidic dressing!


The veal pasta portions were huge, same with the stuffed pizza. The crust was crispy throughout, it was super cheesy and packed with meats and vegetables. I was done after one slice and a helping of pasta.

Veal Scallopini
Veal Scallopini


Chicago Pizza
Chicago Pizza

Instant food coma, I really wanted to lie down on the bench and take a nap. I’ve always had positive experiences here. All the staff are friendly and they treat their customers so well! We’ll have to try the regular pizzas and other pasta dishes next time.

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2 thoughts on “Chicago Style Pizza Shack

    • I’d say it’s even better! I’m amazed that the crust was still so crunchy with all that filling.

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