Smoked Meat Sandwich | $9.35


My visit to Montreal was short, but I was determined to stuff my face with the best it had to offer. My coworkers suggested Schwartz’s Deli and L’Express. With only one full day in Montreal, we squeezed in these two restaurants into our packed day. We headed to Schwartz’s after visiting the Olympic Stadium. Since it was almost 2 in the afternoon, I didn’t think we were going to have to wait for a table. I was wrong. We were next in line for 4 seats, so we waited about 10 minutes AND the line grew behind us! Schwart’s also has a take out counter just next door! If you don’t want the full dining experience, just take your sandwich to-go. I should’ve taken 100 to go.

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As seen on the Travel Channel’s The Layover with Anthony Bourdain, service is your typical diner/fast food attitude, but still polite! The food came amazingly fast as well. We ordered 1 smoked meat sandwich, 1 small plate of meat (for 2 people to share – addition $1.50), 1 turkey sandwich and a small plate of fries.

Smoked Meat Sandwich  |  $9.35
Smoked Meat Sandwich | $9.35
Smoked Meat Plate  |  $13.25
Smoked Meat Plate | $13.25

I will never forget the taste and texture of the delicious meat that sat between 2 slices of rye and a smear of mustard. I had a difficult time widening my eating hole to fit the ginormous sandwich in my mouth but other than that, I think Schwart’s deli meat is all I need in my life. Fatty, tender, salty, spiced slab of meat sliced thinly and stacked between bread.

Turkey Sandwich  |  $7.25
Turkey Sandwich | $7.25
Fries  |  $3.15
Fries | $3.15

I’m not sure who supplies their turkey deli meat but that was surprisingly good too. Even though that’s not what they’re famous for, try some turkey meat.

Seating was cramped but it’s nothing to fuss about. The atmosphere between Schwartz’s and L’Express (which I visited later in the day) were polar opposites. Schwartz’s was fast paced, cozy, vintage and more down to earth. L’Express was fancy as fuck and classy as fuck. Pure class. Both had phenomenal food and fantastic staff!

Schwartz's Deli
Schwartz’s Deli

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2 thoughts on “Schwartz’s

    • It’s definitely a place to check out if you’re in the area. The meat tastes amazing and it’s sooooo tender. I love that they have a take-out counter right beside the restaurant!

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