Zpirit Infused Water

Zpirit Infused Waters (Updated)

Zpirit Infused Water
Zpirit Infused Water

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to hydrate myself, probably because I find the taste of water to be bland. Although I’ve made a conscious effort to drink more water, I still struggle to avoid those dehydration-headaches. Zpirit Infused Waters is exactly what it sounds like. They have four different fruit and herb combinations that’ll make your water refreshingly tasty. It contains no artificial ingredients making it vegan, gluten and preservative-free, plus you can find chunks of fruit floating around. I’m also drawn-in by their clean, bright and illustrative packaging!

Zpirit Infused Water
Zpirit Infused Water

Flavours: Mandarin & Mint, Peach & Basil, Spiced Pear & Vanilla, Pineapple & Sage

The first one I cracked into was Mandarin & Mint and I loved it. It took me about a minute to finish the bottle… I wish they were bigger! The mandarin was sweet and subtle while the mint was refreshing. Served cold, it was definitely thirst quenching! The next bottle I tasted was Pineapple & Sage. I thought the pineapple would be sweet and zingy but the flavours of the sage were overpowering. I’ve yet to try the other flavours but I’m looking forward to them! They sound so delicious!

Zpirit Infused Water
Zpirit Infused Water

With the help of George Brown College’s Food Innovation and Research Studio, Zpirit  was able to get their first 2 flavour combinations into the market. Also, with an investment from the Federal Government through the Agri-Innovation program, Zpirit was able to expand and stand alone in the Canadian and international market.

Here’s a drink for the active and healthy! You can find Zpirit products at your local health food shops, Longo’s and Whole Foods.


I’ve finished off my samples! The Peach & Basil was my second favourite. I love the taste of peach with anything and pairing it with basil was refreshing. Spiced Pear & Vanilla was interesting. It tastes just how it sounds, similar to a flat cream soda. I think it would be fantastic with club soda to make it fizzy. They taste great when they’re cold, so pop them in the fridge first!

Thanks Zpirit Foods Inc. for providing the samples!


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