Pork Souvlaki | $14


Sotiris prides themselves on their unforgettable dining experience, excellent food and friendly service. It’s true because my visits have been pretty memorable! The restaurant is on a quiet section of Harvester Road just east of Guelph Line. They are easy to spot with their Greek architecture and cream stucco walls with Sotiris in big blue letters. Inside, the décor is a combination of authentic and classy décor with breathtaking murals of Greece. The dining areas are spacious with high ceilings, beautiful hanging chandeliers, and dark wooden furniture.

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Huevos 101 | $16

School Toronto

Sitting on the corner of Fraser and Liberty, the restaurant is easy to find with tons of parking nearby. The area has a lot of reclaimed industrial buildings with some big name companies, design firms and local restaurants. The neighbourhood also has a collection of stunning houses and apartments. Inside the restaurant, you’ll find black and white décor with chalkboard illustrations. Obviously there will also be books, pencils and apples throughout the restaurant. The kitchen is a semi-open concept, so you’ll be able to see the cooks put finishing touches on the plates. The seating arrangement is comfortable with 2 main dining areas.

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Mrs. Biederhof’s Legendary Light & Fluffy Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes | $16

Mildred’s Kitchen Temple

My cousin and I started a monthly routine of getting brunch or dinner in Toronto. He recently moved to downtown Toronto and wanted to explore all the restaurants the city offered. As a foodie I naturally agreed to this monthly idea. We were planning on going to School Toronto for our first brunch outing but they stopped taking names because the kitchen was closing soon, plus the wait was about AN HOUR. This happened around 2pm! I had no idea Torontonians took their brunch and lunch game so seriously.

We headed to Mildred’s Kitchen Temple, hoping that they were still open. We were in luck! They were still taking down names and phone numbers but the wait was still… AN HOUR. We decided to tough it out and headed over to Kitchen Stuff Plus to pass the time.

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Fried Chicken & Waffles | $11.49

Staxx Burger Chicken & Waffle House

The restaurant is located in the International Village of Hamilton on King Street East. The interior is nicely lit but it feels a bit cold and dark with bland décor and grey walls. It’s casual and spacious but only seats about 25-30. There is a lot to choose from on the menu! Savoury waffles, sweet waffles, sandwiches, burgers, fried chicken platters and sides. Yum, fried chicken.

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