Fried Chicken & Waffles | $11.49

Staxx Burger Chicken & Waffle House

The restaurant is located in the International Village of Hamilton on King Street East. The interior is nicely lit but it feels a bit cold and dark with bland décor and grey walls. It’s casual and spacious but only seats about 25-30. There is a lot to choose from on the menu! Savoury waffles, sweet waffles, sandwiches, burgers, fried chicken platters and sides. Yum, fried chicken.

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I noticed the restaurant about a year and a half ago (maybe more) while they were still renovating. I was walking with a few of my friends to J.H. Gordon Books and along the way, 2 guys in front of the restaurant successfully grabbed my attention when they said, “something, something, something, do you guys like chicken and waffles?”. As someone who has never eaten these 2 glorious foods together, I instantly got excited and listened to these strangers say few things about the restaurant. Unfortunately, my friends just kept walking and left me behind while I drooled over the words “chicken and waffles”. They rarely venture to downtown Hamilton and I could tell they were uneasy. It also happened sometime during the evening, so I guess they were extra uncomfortable lol. Every time I suggested eating at Staxx or even mentioning chicken and waffles, someone would bring up how “sketchy” the 2 dudes were. I must change their perspective and introduce them to Hamilton’s fantastic community!

Fried Chicken & Waffles | $11.49
Fried Chicken & Waffles | $11.49

I couldn’t wait any longer, so I decided to order take out for myself. I ordered plain Jane, chicken and waffles with maple syrup. My meal came out surprisingly fast. It came with a box of waffles, maple syrup, hot sauce, coleslaw and 3 pieces of fried chicken in another box. The chicken consisted of a wing, a drumstick and a breast. The flavour, batter and crunch of the chicken were superb! But the best part was the combination of everything in my mouth: fluffy waffle, crunchy chicken, sweet maple syrup and a delicious kick from the hot sauce. I think the hot sauce brought everything together.

Staxx Chicken Restaurant
Staxx Chicken Restaurant

The service was ok, they had one staff member in the dining room. The atmosphere is like a diner where you can kick back, watch sports and munch on tasty, filling food. I’m not familiar with a lot of chicken and waffle places in Hamilton but I’d love to find more! If you know any, leave me a comment!!

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4 thoughts on “Staxx Burger Chicken & Waffle House

    • Am I just lucky? Or are these restaurants inconsistent? Raw chicken is never good! I hope the staff took care of it for you! I agree, I’ve had better waffles elsewhere. They were a bit dry for me.

  1. The Stockyards in Toronto sets the bar high for chicken and waffles. Highly recommend there. Staxx doesn’t really live up to it unfortunately.

    • I haven’t been to the Stockyards yet but I’ve had Dirty Bird’s chicken and waffles. They were delicious! They use chicken thighs so the meat stays moist yummm. I’ll have to check out Stokyards next time.

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