Huevos 101 | $16

School Toronto

Sitting on the corner of Fraser and Liberty, the restaurant is easy to find with tons of parking nearby. The area has a lot of reclaimed industrial buildings with some big name companies, design firms and local restaurants. The neighbourhood also has a collection of stunning houses and apartments. Inside the restaurant, you’ll find black and white décor with chalkboard illustrations. Obviously there will also be books, pencils and apples throughout the restaurant. The kitchen is a semi-open concept, so you’ll be able to see the cooks put finishing touches on the plates. The seating arrangement is comfortable with 2 main dining areas.

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Since my cousin and I weren’t able to get a table a few weeks ago, we decided to try again! This time I got there a bit early to leave my name and number. I love how their system is so convenient. Although they don’t take reservations, you can leave your number and a text will be sent to you once your table is ready. The wait time was still around 45 minutes, which was ok because the two guys were half an hour late! Boys… well, my brother was just slow. The usual.

Because we were all foodies, we agreed to share everything. The special of the day was braised oxtail with poached egg and purple potatoes. Um, yes please. We also ordered Super Cheesy Bacon French Toast and Huevos 101.

Brunch Special: Braised Oxtail | $18
Brunch Special: Braised Oxtail | $18

I don’t have to say much about the oxtail because anybody who has had oxtail, loves that shit. Oxtail is one of the best cuts to cook with because it turns out beautifully every time AND it’s able to soak up all the flavours from whatever liquids you braise it with. This one had deep flavours and was topped with a soft poached egg. The potatoes gave the dish a fantastic pop of colour and soaked up all the juices from the meat and the egg yolk. It was definitely my favourite dish!

Super Cheesy Bacon French Toast | $18
Super Cheesy Bacon French Toast | $18

The bacon French toast was surprisingly well-balanced. I was expecting it to be overly heavy and greasy from the gooey cheddar jack with French toast AND bacon. Nope, I was wrong. There was enough of each ingredient in each bite to make my tummy happy. The side of salad made the dish even more balanced and slightly healthier. You don’t have to feel guilty for devouring carbs, fat, sodium, and tons of sugar! I just realized I paid $18 for French toast…

Huevos 101 | $16
Huevos 101 | $16

Our last dish was Huevos 101. Huevos = eggs. The dish had scrambled eggs, mexi beans, pico, jack cheese, guac and sour cream, all layered into a crispy tortilla bowl. It was good but nothing special. The eggs were cooked perfectly, simple and tasty.

At the end of our meal, we were struggling to move. We licked the plates clean and sucked the oxtail bones dry, it was THAT delicious. School is apparently a popular local spot with crowds of people waiting for tables. Their staff members are really attentive and they move efficiently. Although there was hustle and bustle around me, I was able to appreciate my meal. The space and the high ceilings gave everyone room to breathe and comfortably enjoy the food.

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