Pork Souvlaki | $14


Sotiris prides themselves on their unforgettable dining experience, excellent food and friendly service. It’s true because my visits have been pretty memorable! The restaurant is on a quiet section of Harvester Road just east of Guelph Line. They are easy to spot with their Greek architecture and cream stucco walls with Sotiris in big blue letters. Inside, the décor is a combination of authentic and classy décor with breathtaking murals of Greece. The dining areas are spacious with high ceilings, beautiful hanging chandeliers, and dark wooden furniture.

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Before I go to a restaurant, I usually look over user reviews on Urbanspoon. This time, I didn’t bother because my cousin suggested we come here since The Keg was closed for lunch. So I came with no expectations.

A cheery host led us to our table on the far side of the restaurant. We came here for lunch and the place was really empty, like less than 10 tables were occupied. Our server was very attentive and genuinely caring, he asked about our meal a lot during our stay. We ordered pork souvlaki, shrimp dinner, and a small gyro dinner. Waiting for the food wasn’t too painful, we were munching on the insanely delicious salads and soft, warm, and super tasty bread. I could’ve just eated the bread as a meal. Our dishes came out at the same time and each one had a decent amount food! Heaping amounts of rice, potatoes and whatever meats/seafood we ordered.

Pork Souvlaki | $14
Pork Souvlaki | $14

Lunch is usually my first meal of the day on weekends because I spend my mornings sleeping-in, like everybody else. So seeing this mound of food on my plate, I already knew I needed a take out box. The rice was nicely cooked, the potatoes were beautiful, tasty and soft, the meat was surprisingly tender, and the tzatziki sauce was my favourite. I love gathering a bit of everything on my fork and shoving it in my mouth. There aren’t a lot of interesting textures, but there’s an explosion of flavours!

Shrimp Dinner | $14
Shrimp Dinner | $14

My mom’s seafood dish and my cousin’s gyro plate were great as well. Both came with rice, potatoes and tzatziki sauce. We all destroyed the breadbasket too. The breading on the seafood was light and crunchy. I thought my mom’s dish wasn’t worth $14 at all. There were only 3 pieces of shrimp and 4 little scallops. The gyro plate seemed like it had the most meat out of all the plates. Ribbons of carved meat filled more than half the plate and sat snug next to the rice and potatoes.

Small Gyro Dinner | $14
Small Gyro Dinner | $14

My second visit was back in February and the dining area occupied by the same amount of people, maybe a bit more. There were 2 parties with 5-10 people and small groups scattered throughout. This time we ordered a seafood plate to share between 3 people ($45). The platter consisted of deep fried shrimp, scallop, calamari and fish that sat on a bed of rice, and potatoes came in a separate dish. Again, we all shared some salad and a breadbasket. The table behind us was partying it up. The waiters came out with small plates of cheese, poured some liquor on them and lit it on fire! Then everyone shouted OPA! I thought that was pretty entertaining hahahaha they were all so enthusiastic about it! The dish is called Saganaki OPA if you ever want to see some cheese engulfed in flames.

After writing this, I decided to read what other people had to say. Some reviews were positive but there were also negative feedback on customer service and the wait time for the food. My visits were fairly recent, so I’m assuming they’ve changed their attitude and management since my experiences were pretty positive. I agree that the prices are steep but you gotta try it at least once! Hopefully your experience will be as friendly as mine!

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