Pork Plate | $10

It’s All GRK & Momofuku Milk Bar

Our night started off with a press preview of Gladstone Hotel’s Come Up to My Room 2015 exhibition. Local artists and students showcased their projects throughout the corridors of the artsy and funky hotel. After walking through and admiring the works of the local talent, we made our way to It’s ALL Grk to fill our hungry stomachs.

It’s All Grk  |  756 Queen Street West, Toronto  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  | Website  |  Menu  |   Map

Located by Queen and Bathurst, it sits with many local restaurants that are home to Queen West. The restaurant has about 20 seats but the business runs mostly like a fast food joint. It seems that they do more take-out than sit-down orders. The interior is clean and white with large wooden furniture and fixtures. They’ve decorated the walls with products like pasta, oils, olives and salt.

Chicken Souvlaki | $12
Chicken Souvlaki | $12

I ordered a souvlaki Greek plate and it was unexpectedly huge (for me)! It came with 2 sticks of meat, fries, salad, pita and tzatziki. The meat was seasoned well, fries were a nice handful-and-a-half and the pitas were soft and warm. The cabbage salad really stood out with a squeeze of lemon juice. It was a refreshing side to crunch on with the meat and fries.

Pork Plate | $10
Pork Plate | $10
It's All Grk Restaurant
It’s All Grk Restaurant

Momofuku Milk Bar  |  190 University Avenue, 2nd floor, Toronto  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  | Website  |  Menu  |   Map

Already partially stuffed, I was craving dessert. It’s weird. My whole life, I’ve never been a dessert person, but lately I’ve actually been looking forward to dessert. Why? What’s changing! Anyways, we ended up looking through Momofuku Milk Bar’s fridge and bought a few things. We both got 3 cookies and a teeny tiny cup of cereal milk soft serve. That dinky thing was $6. I must admit, I haven’t had anything that tastes like it. The balance of sweet and salty was pretty perfect and it tasted exactly like cereal milk. Having it once in a while won’t hurt.

Soft Serve & Cookies | $6 & $6.25
Soft Serve & Cookies | $6 & $6.25

The cookies were a balance of sweetness and chewy goodness. My weakness is definitely soft cookies.

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