red bench restaurant

Red Bench

After filling up at Lamesa Filipino Kitchen for dinner, Sally and I headed to The Red Bench on Yonge Street for dessert. We pulled into a side street off Yonge to find parking and walked to the storefront with a red bench. They are known for their organic frozen yogurt, homemade cookies and ice cream sandwiches. The bright and narrow space has seating at the front, along the right wall, and at the back. Chalkboard menus hang above the prep and coffee station. The frozen yogurt machines and toppings are in a nook at the back. The staff move as quickly as they can to accommodate the orders of their customers.

The Red Bench
The Red Bench

611 Yonge Street, Toronto  |  Facebook  |  Twitter Instagram  | Website  |  Menu  |   Map

I was too stuffed to devour an ice cream sandwich, so I went for a small cup of ice cream. They only had a few ice cream flavours but their frozen yogurt selection was huge.

White Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream | $3
White Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream | $3

I love anything with raspberry, so I got the white chocolate raspberry flavour ($3) and Sally got a Half Sammy: Nutterdam Cookie with peanut butter ice cream and snickers topping ($4)… overload on sugar much?! While you might think I got ripped off for paying $3 for ice cream compared to Sally’s $4 sandwich, it wasn’t. The amount of ice cream in her sandwich was disappointing. Three messy bites and it was all gone.

Half Sammy | $4
Half Sammy | $4

On the other hand, I really enjoyed my white chocolate raspberry ice cream! There was a perfect balance of white and dark chocolate bits with little bursts of raspberry throughout! I’d go back to get a tub of it if I could. Next time, I’ll have to try their frozen yogurt, have a latte and nibble on a cookie.


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