Charred is located on James Street North and is one of the many known local spots in Hamilton. I knew the space was small but I was hoping we wouldn’t have to wait too long. Luckily, there was one table available for us! The space only seats 20 people and the kitchen counter takes up about half of the interior space. Once inside, we were hit with the smell of chicken and charcoal, we were in the right place.

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Charred only serves chicken, chicken, chicken and dishes that incorporate chicken in them. The birds are spatchocked (flattened by cutting the spine and braking the breast bone) and roasted on a charcoal  rotisserie then slathered with their homemade piri piri sauce. I ordered the leg and thigh with fries and everybody else ordered the charred sandwich.

Chicken Leg and Fries
Chicken Leg and Fries

My chicken was tender, nicely seasoned and pretty average. The sauce was a nice light addition. I really loved the small match stick fries that they piled onto my plate! I had twice the amount of fries to chicken!

The staff here were all great! You could tell they cared for their customers and were genuinely sincere about everything. It was refreshing to see such great hospitality from a small local restaurant. They also sell whole chickens with piri piri sauce for $14!!!!!

Another mouthwatering dish that caught my eye was the chicken poutine, it looked glorious. This is such a great spot to pop in for a quick and light lunch or dinner, I’ll be back!

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