NaRoma Pizza Bar

NaRoma Pizzabar

Located on the quaint street of Locke Street, NaRoma Pizzabar fits-in well with the neighbourhood. Locke Street is known for local artisan shops and awesome crafted cuisines. NaRoma has a pretty spacious patio and a small dining area inside. To accommodate everyone’s needs, they also have a take-out counter for walk-in customers.

215 Locke St South, Hamilton |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  | Website  |   Menu  |  Map

Inside, the décor is modern with grey walls, dark wooden furniture and sleek fixtures. Photographs of local and iconic spots in Hamilton decorate the walls while pizza boxes line the back corner of the exposed prep station on the second floor.

On the first floor, there are enough tables to seat 20-25 people, an accessible washroom, and a pizza bar. Behind the pizza bar, you’ll find a few pizzas for grab-n-go, prep area for staff, latte station, cashier, and a little hole in the wall to deliver pizzas from the kitchen (located on the second floor). Although the hole in the wall is efficient, I can’t seem to shake the fact that there is a possibility the pizzas could take a tumble onto the floor if it was accidentally nudged! The hole is about 1 foot off the ground, let’s hope it doesn’t collect a lot of dust and dirt.

Naroma Pizza Bar
NaRoma Pizza Bar

I took my pizza-loving dad to NaRoma on Father’s Day for lunch. Without making a reservation, we were hoping they had a table for us on this busy day. Luckily, they had a few! My mom and I scanned over the menu while my dad was occupied with snapping photos of the restaurant. It was my first time here and looking back on it now, I should’ve asked our waiter to explain the menu. It’s double-sided: vegetarian pizza options, salads and organic quinoa on one side, and meat pizza options of the other. What I didn’t realize were the options for the different pizza sizes. I was too intrigued by all the flavours and toppings.

Coppia (couple): up to 2 flavours
Famiglia (family): up to 3 flavours
Festa (party): up to 4 flavours

We chose the smallest size (coppia) and ordered one flavour – Selvaggio. This is where I fucked up – we could’ve ordered 2 flavours!! That would’ve been so much better! It only dawned on me when I already stuffed 2 slices in my belly : (

Selvaggio (Coppia) | $20
Selvaggio (Coppia) | $20

After ordering, we waited and waited. Every time a tray of pizza appeared in the hole, we all hoped it would be ours. It turned into a guessing game. Pizza in the hole, is it ours? Nope. Pizza! Ours? Nope. Pizza!… No waiters around to take it.. still sitting there. Then, one of the waiters on the second floor accidentally dropped some plates on it O_O Oh dear, did a slice take a tumble? He took it back to the kitchen… was it our pizza?! We’ll never know. Our pizza finally came and my mind immediately jumped to conclusions. I was convinced our pizza took a tumble, but I just kept feeding myself. The crust was perfection. Not too thick, not too thin. It was the best crunch and crispiness I’ve ever had. Mushrooms were scattered throughout and it was flavoured with goat cheese, proscitto and truffle oil. Easily my favourite pizza crust so far! Even though I have my silly thoughts about the hole in the wall, I’m still going to come back for the pizza! We also couldn’t even finish it.

NaRoma Pizza Menu
NaRoma Pizza Menu

NaRoma is great for an intimate lunch, relaxing dinners or even large parties. The friendly staff run around to try to cater everyone, so you might need some patience here. I can’t wait until I come back and order 2 flavours instead of 1!

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