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I was introduced to ACE Bakery Mini Crisps at the Toronto FOOD & WINE Festival a couple weeks ago. ACE Bakery was their official bread sponsor and they were making all kinds of noise! Giveaways, tastings, and chitter chatter everywhere. I’ve always loved their products, especially their focaccia and ciabatta. As we were leaving the festival, we were given these mini crisps! The flavours looked delicious and it didn’t take long for me to bust them open.

ACE Bakery Mini Crisps
ACE Bakery Mini Crisps

I tried the olive oil & sea salt first and quickly got addicted. They’re salty with a lot of crunch. I’ve been munching on them on their own, but I’ve also tried spreading jam and dips to dilute the saltiness. Spread some cream cheese and layer on some prosciutto, ugh, heaven. The aged cheddar flavour is deadly. I had a hard time putting those down 😦 The rounded cheese and the salted crisp was just perfect.

ACE Bakery Mini Crisps
ACE Bakery Mini Crisps

When I don’t feel like crunchy on greasy chips or chewing on sugary treats, I grab a bag of ACE Bakery crisps. I haven’t looked at the nutritional information but I don’t feel as guilty snacking on these. I’m going to hunt down the remaining flavours and devour them!

The products were provided by Ace Bakery, opinions expressed are my own.


2 thoughts on “ACE Bakery

  1. ACE Crisps are awesome!! The Cheddar ones are very tasty…..I put avocado, slice of onion…a little tomato…maybe some olive tapenade and down the hatch they go!!

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