Nabil’s Middle East Fast Food

Nabil’s is a family-owned and operated restaurant at the corner of Wilson Street and James Street North, diagonally across from Jackson Square. They are a dine-in and take-out restaurant serving a variety of Mediterranean food. If you’re looking to veer away from the chain restaurants and food court pita/shwarma options, then Nabil’s is a great place to start. They have hummus, fresh salads, shish kebab, and meat platters. Their meals are well balanced with proteins and vegetables to keep you healthy and energized for work and play! I don’t know how they make money because their homemade food is so insanely cheap, their portion sizes are ridiculously generous too!

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I have no idea how I haven’t been to Nabil’s in the 14 years it’s been here. You’re probably thinking, “Well Andrea, you could say that about every restaurant in Hamilton. What’s the big deal?” You see, our family’s business used to be in the same plaza as Nabil’s before we moved to a new location…. two doors down. That’s practically next door! Nabil’s opened up shop in 2001 (3 years before we re-located) as a small take-out joint with seating for 8. They’ve now expanded their dining room to cater 30. As a kid, I spent a lot of time in that plaza and in Jackson Square – so naturally, you’d think I would have known about Nabil’s! Nope. I also asked my parents and they have the faintest memory of receiving a few kabobs back then, maybe they were from Nabil! Even though it was my first time here, I felt like we had a connection!

Hummus and Salads
Hummus and Salads

A few Hamilton foodies, Sid and Chanry, organized a dinner at Nabil’s to share their wonderful food. Some familiar faces also showed up: Heather from Hamilton Small Fries, Perri from Hamilton Gastro, Judy from Judskii, and Priya from Small Kitchen Big World. I met a lot of heavyweight foodies and chefs of Hamilton too: Mark and Courtney from Dr. Disc, Scott the Mustard Man, Matt from Rapscallion, Jeannie from Move to HamOnt, and Salar from Meat Ventures. It was exciting to meet all of these locals and talk to them about FOOD.

Nabil's grilled meats and salads
Nabil’s grilled meats and salads

Once we all settled in, Nabil set up a family-style buffet for us. Appetizers included humus, cucumber salad, pickled cabbage, and tabbouleh salad. The mains consisted of lamb, chicken taka, falafel, shish kabob, beef shawarma, and of course, rice. It was a feast for kings and we were spoiled with hardy, homemade food. The salads were fresh, crunchy, and tasty. I’m glad they balanced out our meat-heavy meal with a lot of greens and rice! All the meats were flavoured so well. I’d eat a bit of everything In each mouthful and it was a party of flavour and texture, it just tasted GOOD. This is what good tastes like. And this is what satisfaction tastes like.

Nabil's dinner and baklava
Nabil’s dinner and baklava

Nabil’s food is good on your taste buds, stomach, and your wallet. No wonder they have loyal customers and a successful business! Definitely check out Nabil’s for affordable and delicious food.

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