Sushi Legend

Our family friends highly recommended the restaurant and I also read fantastic reviews on Zomato. Just to be on the safe side, we made a reservation before heading out. The restaurant was easy to find with plenty of parking in the plaza. To our surprise, the restaurant was packed with customers waiting outside. It was a Thursday night and we didn’t expect to see it at full capacity.

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Assorted Maki Rolls
Assorted Maki Rolls

Thank god for the internet and people’s honest opinions. Before heading out to Markham, we planned on going to SOHO Sushi in the New City Plaza. After reading a handful of negative reviews with disappointing stories, I quickly texted the family to switch restaurants. We changed our plans and headed for Sushi Legend. We were seated right away when we got there. The back of the restaurant is more spacious than the front and I’m glad we were seated back there. The high ceilings give the space a bit more breathing room, and simple furnishings create a fresh vibe.


Sushi Legend is an all-you-can-eat restaurant with a larger menu (raw and cooked items), faster service, and fresher tasting fish. The full menu is printed on paper for you to check off what you want.

We started off with several orders of sashimi, salads, maki rolls, hand rolls, and a few cooked items. We didn’t wait long before the dishes piled up on the table. The tempura was surprisingly good with an airy breading that made a beautiful, crunchy exterior. My hand roll was warm to the touch, which made me think they might’ve taken the time to roast the seaweed beforehand. Other specialty items we ordered were beef tataki (thin slices of raw beef, lightly seasoned) and a roasted salmon head. Too bad we didn’t come here on the weekend, they serve scallops!!

Beef Tataki
Beef Tataki

After our second round of orders, my stomach was weighing me down. I wanted to digest faster so I could eat more food but my stomach acids were failing me. I had to surrender and move onto dessert. If you’re trying to find the best bang for your buck for all-you-can-eat Japanese food, Sushi Legend is a restaurant that’s worth your time and money. Make sure you call-in for a reservation! You don’t want to wait in line and watch everyone else wolf down all the sushi.

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2 thoughts on “Sushi Legend

    • This is easily the best AYCE sushi places I’ve been to! Glad we made a reservation too. I couldn’t believe they were packed on a Thursday night.

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