Bang Bang Ice Cream

On the popular street of Ossington Avenue, Bang Bang Ice Cream is a fantastic dessert option if you’re in the mood for interesting ice cream flavours! The shop is small and has a bench along the right wall with the kitchen taking up 70% of the space. Ice cream options are displayed on large tin buckets that fill a wall from eye-level to the ceiling.

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Not only do they have a ton of flavours to choose from, they also have mouth-watering flavour combinations. Here are some examples: Matcha chestnut, keylime pie, pb ‘n chocolate, avocado, burnt toffee, and cinnamon toast. If you want something out-of-the-ordinary, then come here for ice cream and baked goods! The service counter has a display case with all their cookies and baked goods and the ice cream is stored beside the bench, under the tin buckets.

Display Case
Display Case

There 2343 a few options to choose from and we went for ice cream in an egg waffle. In Chinese, the direct translation for them is “little eggs”. They are puffs of semi-dense, pillowy waffles with a sweeter and airier taste. With our egg waffle, we got the black tea ice cream… not very adventurous, eh? After taking a bajillion pictures, we finally dug in! My first taste test was the egg waffle. The flavour was alright, it could’ve used more sweetener but the texture needed work. It was either over-cooked or the batter was too dense. Nonetheless, it was not puffy enough and a tad dry. The ice cream on the other hand was light and delicious with subtle flavours of black tea.

Bang Bang Egg Waffles with Black Tea Ice Cream
Bang Bang Egg Waffles with Black Tea Ice Cream

Next time I’ll be a little more adventurous and check out other flavours. I’ll also get the ice cream sandwich or the cream puffs instead.

Egg Waffle Iron
Egg Waffle Iron

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