Burger’s Priest

I had my first Burger’s Priest at their Queen Street location in Toronto about two years ago. When they decided to open up shop in Hamilton, I was like, “WHAT, Hamilton? *heart eye emoji*” Yea, yea another burger chain joint. But they do it right with a touch of sexiness. Their Hamilton location is located at Upper James and Rymal, in the same plaza as Shoppers Drugmart and State and Main.

1591 Upper James Street, Hamilton  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Website  |  Menu  |  Map

This restaurant is more spacious, which give diners the option to chill and eat. The order counter is at the back of the space where the washrooms are also located. You can order from their regular menu or order off the Secret Menu. Yes, they have a Secret Menu that’s not so secret because they also advertise it. It would be fun to get something off it but I’d never be able to finish the insane combinations. Some of these burgers are ridiculously ginormous – probably as tall as my face.

California Burger $7.39 + $1.79 (low gluten bun)
California Burger $7.39 + $1.79 (low gluten bun)

I stuck with a plain ole California burger with a gluten-free bun. A what? Gluten-free bun? Why? Well, just for kicks because I heard they had good buns and I’ve always wanted to try one, so why not? The cashier warned me that the buns will be dipped in clarified butter then grilled… like it was a bad thing. “Are you ok with that?” Am I ok with a buttery, crispy bun? Of course I’m ok with that! Soak my whole burger in it too, YUM! It took about 5-10 minutes for our burgers and I couldn’t wait to rip it a part. But first, pictures.

California Burger and Fries $7.39 | Fries $3.69
California Burger and Fries $7.39 | Fries $3.69

The first thing I saw was the golden brown frying marks and the slightly translucent buttered bun. All I could smell was hot meat and butter. Ohhh yissss. The buns were crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, holding everything in between and soaking up their secret sauce. The patties were juicy, beefy, and seasoned just right. The amount of condiments were just enough to let the patties and bun take the stage. My mouth was happy, my mind was happy, and my body was happy. Their sauce was damn delicious too. I mooched some fries from my friends. They were plump but lacked the crisp. I enjoyed them even more when I popped them in the toaster-oven after I got home.

Overall, service was cheery, restaurant was spacious, clean and bright, menu was straight-forward, and the food was excellent. These items are way pricier than the other burger joints and their reasoning is from the ultra premium beef in the patties. Gimme more of those buttered buns! I don’t care how unhealthy it might be, it makes me happy!

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