King William Street is undergoing so many changes and the most recent addition is FSH & CHP. In complete contrast to their brother next door (HAMBRGR), FSH & CHP focuses on the fresh goodies from the ocean. The bright space only fits about 20 people, so expect to wait on busy days. Inside, you’ll find white paneling with cute nautical decor, I super duperly love the Edison light bulbs with rope weaving throughout the chandelier. It might get a bit stuffy while you eat but you can escape to the washroom to cool down (the AC game is strong in there).

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My first visit was a month ago, the day of their soft opening. I’ve been waiting forever for a seafood place to open up in Hamilton and it finally happened! We ordered a handful of items including:  Thai mussels ($13), fish and chips ($14), crispy shrimp po’boy ($13), lobster mac and cheese ($18), and Maritime chowder ($8). I loved everything that touched my tongue. All of the dishes were fresh, exciting, and full of flavours. Our second visit was for the media preview. They hosted the food bloggers just in time for their Grand Opening, which is happening TOMORROW (August 12, 2016)! To get an idea on what’s gonna be on their menu, keep reading or watch the video below!

They spoiled us with beautiful oysters, an insane peach mignonette, and fresh horseradish. We sipped on a refreshing Pimm’s Original Cocktail while we waited for the feast to begin. The motherload of goodies came down all at once and it was overwhelmingly exciting. Boxes of lobster boil and deep fried treats took up most of the table real estate.

**Only the oysters and the lobster boil will be served tomorrow (at market price) during their grand opening.**

Oysters and Lobster Boil
Oysters and Lobster Boil

I would easily burn through my bank account if the lobster boil was a permanent item on their menu! The crustacean came swimming in a well-seasoned broth, loaded with veggies, chorizo, and corn on the cob. Make sure you don’t leave behind the veggies at the bottom of the pot, they soak up most of the flavours! Also, if you’re adventurous enough, crack open the head of the lobster and slurp up the green and white guts. That’s right, it’s edible and rich in metallic/weird flavours!

Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips

Haddock, hush puppies, shrimp, and fries were tossed in the glorious box of deep fried noms. Surrounding the crunchy pile were jars of tartar sauce, coleslaw, ketchup, and slices of lemon – all of the necessary condiments. The food was what I expected and I didn’t get the gross, greasy feeling from eating too much fried shit. What I really loved were the fried shrimp – a nice light batter to go with the juicy plump texture of the meat.

Along with the box, plates of fried halloumi were scattered on the table for our vegetarian friends, well friend. Our one token vegetarian food blogger, there’s only room for one vegetarian in this group. Joking! We love everyone. The firm cheese was cleverly fried in a nori batter bringing a lil taste of the sea to the slab of dairy. It was pretty nostalgic to taste the nori in the halloumi because I used to straight-up eat sheets of nori as a snack when I was a kid. Crispy, salty sheets of seaweed, can’t get any healthier than that.

Brickwork’s Stadium Island Peach Cider was our refresher and they couldn’t have picked a better drink for me, myself, and I. As someone who’s a noob to the beer and liquor world, I’m easing into it with sweet drinks like cocktails and ciders. This cider tasted like a peachy sparking juice, could def get wasted in no time.

Pimm's Original Cocktail
Pimm’s Original Cocktail

Every time I hear about a new restaurant in Hamilton, I get the same reaction. Joy and excitement, to the point where I lurk their website and all of their social media accounts. FSH & CHP was different because it was just centred around seafood, so my reaction was 100x more obnoxious. JK. But seriously, they’re having their grand opening tomorrow and I want to spread the love because they’re bringing excitement to the local food scene, just like: Uno Mas, Mezcal, Pokeh, Lake Road, Born and RaisedBrux House, Knead, Except for Kenneth, The Mule, Mesa, Culantro, Saltlick, The Burnt Tongue, Earth to Table Bread Bar… I could go on forever, but I’ll stop here.

Don’t miss out on the oysters and lobster boil tomorrow! I’d seriously eat everything off that menu in one sitting if I could.

FSH & CHP provided a complimentary meal during the media event, opinions expressed are my own.

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