Jax Sweet Shoppe

Who knew this sweet shoppe served brunch! Instead of hitting up another downtown Hamilton spot, I met up with my usual brunch crew in Dundas. We planned on eating at Detour but we found out they had a limited menu, so we skipped over to Jax Sweet Shoppe. A cute little diner in a collonial-looking building right on King Street. The space is small with enough seating for 20 people. It’s a straight-up diner with glossy steel tables, round and colourful chairs, walls filled with photographs, neon lights, and a retro CocaCola cooler with bottled Coke. Along the left are ice cream coolers and cases full of cookies, tarts, and cakes!

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The menu was straight forward and short. Nothing pretentious, just good ole greasy diner fare. The daily special was Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict on a toasted croissant and potatoes. With no hesitation, we said yes. Well, mostly Sid and I because we love all things smoked salmon! I got the Belgian Waffle and Egg, Jen ordered The Traditional, and Brad went with the Breakfast Sandwich. The food smelled so fucking good when they all landed on our table but of course, we tortured our stomachs and snapped pictures first.

Smoked Salmon Croissant & Belgian Waffles
Smoked Salmon Croissant & Belgian Waffles

The smoked salmon went so beautifully with the soft poached egg and the toasted fluffy croissant. I hope this stays on their permanent menu!

My first thought about my dish was, “Damnnn, look at that thick-ass piece of ham!” I guess it had to be a good slab of meat since it was from Cumbrae’s across the street. If you’re not familiar with who they are, let me enlighten you. Expensive, quality, local meats. They have some really awesome products in there! Back to my food. I’m so glad I went with the ham instead of the other options (bacon or sausage). What really blew my taste buds were the waffles. Probably the best waffles I’ve had in a while. Sweet, soft, and bready… or waffly. Just delicious. Big chunks of well-seasoned potatoes also came with my meal.

The Traditional & Breakfast Sandwich
The Traditional & Breakfast Sandwich

The Traditional was your typical breakfast platter. Eggs, sausage, potatoes, and toast. The Breakfast Sandwich had fresh waffles buns flanking ooey gooey Mickey Maguire cheese and Cumbrae’s bacon. We all enjoyed every bit of our brunch and I was happy fate brought us to Jax hahahaha. The portions were massive.

Ice Cream Sandwich
Ice Cream Sandwich

Jen ended up getting an ice cream sandwich after our intense nom-fest. Homemade chocolate chip cookies hugging a couple scoops of cookie dough ice cream. We made the unfortunate mistake of taking it outside for pictures and it started melting immediately. A few quick snaps and we already made a mess. It was still delicious, even though I had cream all over my hands.

All I want right now are their cookies in my face! Maybe some of their cakes too, oh and their waffles. Can’t wait to come back for more!

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