Matsuri Sushi

Matsuri Sushi in Dundas has been highly recommended by my friend, Sid, for as long as I’ve known him and I finally went to check it out. Surprisingly, I haven’t explored the sushi bars in Hamilton but I’ve heard good things about Joya, and Kampai (the only one I’ve visited). Of course, we have the usual all-you-can-eat joints like Spring Sushi, August 8, Sapporo, and Tatemono but I’d rather indulge in fresh fish than mediocre sushi. Not hating on AYCE restaurants, I still hit them up every once in a while because it’s such a good deal.

24 King Street East #36, Dundas  |  Website  |  Menu  |  Map

I brought my mom to Matsuri Sushi after pulling into a deserted parking lot at Joya Sushi, apparently they were closed on a Sunday! Oh well, I got to finally check out Matsuri. Sid would recommend that you sit at the bar and let the chef feed you but I wasn’t feeling adventurous and my mom is a cheap-skate, jk.

Chicken Bento Box
Chicken Bento Box

We ordered the Chicken Bento Box ($13.95), Haruba Maki roll ($13.95), and one Scallop Sushi ($3.50). The chicken was seasoned well but there was a funky texture going on. The meat wasn’t overcooked but the texture was dry. Mom said it wasn’t fresh, I’ll just take her word on that one. The dumplings and the salad on the other hand were delicious. It also came with an average California roll, nothing special.

Haruba Maki
Haruba Maki

The Haruba Maki came in a beautiful white dish with wasabi and pickled ginger. My grandma once told me if you see pale pickled ginger on the plate, then the restaurant is legit. If you see pink ginger, then they’re noobs. Matsuri passed the pickled ginger test! Thick cuts of deep red tuna and soft avocado were wrapped in seaweed and rice, then topped with slices of salmon, scallop, spicy mayo, and tobiko. The fish were fantastic, you could definitely taste the sweet freshness in each bite. The seaweed was too chewy for my liking. I had to bite into the roll because it was just too massive to shove the whole piece into my mouth all at once.

My sushi cravings were satisfied 100%. I also ordered the scallop sushi because I usually judge a sushi bar by their selection and by their scallops. Not that I’m a professional sushi-eater but just because! Imagine that was your job? Set for life. And fresh scallops are so tasty. Anyways, Matsuri’s scallops were 10/10. Soft and meaty, I could taste the rich sweetness of the fresh mollusk. The six-piece maki roll and scallop sushi was just enough to comfortably fill my tummy but some of you will probably still be hungry.

The prices are about average to high, which I don’t mind because I’m paying for quality food and great service. The space holds about 20-25 people with limited seating at the sushi bar. You’re greeted with warm faces and a semi-authentic Japanese atmosphere. Take your time with the menu, especially the Maki and fish section. So many combinations, I didn’t have the patience to read through the whole thing LOL I just saw 3 types of fish and went for it. I can’t wait to come back to try the rest of the fish in their selection. Although sushi is usually a treat for our family, I’ll have to drag my friends here to eat with me!

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