The Coop Wicked Chicken

You might’ve seen the new kid on the block at the corner of King and Hess in Hamilton. Floor to ceiling windows, graffiti art along the side, and a pair of big red doors, yep, that’s Coop Wicked Chicken. Maybe you’ve also seen their vulgar, yet hilarious social media content and digital advertising on the internet. Well, it definitely caught my eye.

272 King Street West, Hamilton  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Website  |  Menu  |  Map

Inside, you’ll find an explosion of street art and wooden decor with metal accents. It’s a brand spanking new space with hip hop and hood vibes. There is a main dining area and a couple little nooks by the back of the restaurant where you can peer down into the open kitchen. Here’s a quick run-down of their menu.  Chicken, of course, in sandwiches, poutines, salads, tacos, and on its own. Don’t worry, they also have beef and vegetarian options! Drink-wise, they have that magical Coke machine with ten-billion flavour options, so good luck with choosing something to drink! They also have beer and a handful of delicious cocktails.

Deviled Eggs | Dirty Bird Chicken
Deviled Eggs | Dirty Bird Chicken

Our night started with a few of their yummy appetizers, Deep Fried Deviled Eggs ($5.99) and Dirty Bird Chicken ($8.99). These massive deviled eggs were special nuggets of heaven. A slightly crunchy outer shell, soft egg whites, and a creamy filling topped with bacon. We downed a few Blueberry Lemonades ($7.99), Coop Caesars ($6.99), and Gin Gingers ($7.99) throughout the night. These were definitely my kind of drinks.

Gin Ginger & Coop Caesar | Chicken and Waffles
Gin Ginger & Coop Caesar | Chicken and Waffles

There’s no point on opening a chicken joint without chicken and waffles, right? Glad these guys had it on their menu! And my oh my, if I’m ever craving that combo, this will be my go-to resto. Fluffy waffles topped with crispy, tender, juicy chicken and a fried egg, then drizzled with a Sriracha bourbon maple syrup. I want it in my mouth all the time.

Sandwiches and Fried Drums
Sandwiches and Fried Drums

The next little while was a whirlwind. All I remember was eating a lot of sandwiches and fried chicken. We had the BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich ($9.99), the Nashville ($10.99), Chz & Bacon Burger ($10.99), Crispy Chicken ($9.99), and just straight up fried Chicken Drums (5pc $10.99). Basically, every sammie hit the spot. They all had the right amount of topping to protein to sauce ratio. The one that really stood out was the Nashville. Loved the crispy chicken and the heat. Also, the fried drumsticks, I could eat those on the daily. I just love biting into a super crunchy crust and having the juices drip into my mouth. Sexual, right? I know. That’s how much I love fried chicken, especially dark meat ;).

Chz & Bacon Burger | Smash Bag
Chz & Bacon Burger | Smash Bag

They just launched a Late Night Pick-Up menu. You literally walk up to a window by the kitchen, order, and pick up our food. It’s only available from 12am – 3am-ish on Fridays and Saturdays. So, if you’re having a good time around Hess, pick up some goodies like he Smash Bag ($6.99). A bag of smashed Doritos topped with chicken or beef, jalapeno, tomato, shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream, and green onions. This shit is served in the Doritos bag, so it’s nachos on-the-go! I definitely want to try the Bacon Mac n’ Chz Grilled Cheese ($6.99) and Waffle Fry Poutine ($8.99)!

Loaded Custard Bowls
Loaded Custard Bowls

We finished our epic meal with three Loaded Custard Bowls (small $4.99). Yes, THREE. Oreo Crumble, PB&J, and Bath Salts. I loved the Fruit Loop bowl with the soft serve of Bath Salts LOL. All of these bowls were filled with an explosion of candy and sugar. So if that’s your thing, these insane bowls will satisfy your sweet-tooth needs.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t chickened-out by the end. Everything we ate had a good balance of other ingredients with the protein. But honestly, can you really get tired of fried chicken? Don’t think I could ever!

The Coop Wicked Chicken provided a complimentary meal during the media event, opinions expressed are my own.

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