Skip the Dishes + GIVEAWAY

There is a new food delivery kid in town! Similar to and UberEats, Skip the Dishes is an app that will bring you food from nearby restaurants. But unlike the other apps, it has special features like filtering by distance, time, fee, and score. The most helpful tabs are the fees and the scores. Delivery fees range from free to $5 and when I’m feeling like a cheap-fuck, I’ll sort the restaurants by fee.

First of all, let me just toss you this promo code for 10% off your order from Skip the Dishes: MADHUNGRY17. Second, yes, my first giveaway! Look for the picture below (on my Instagram page) for a chance to win a $50 gift card (provided by Skip the Dishes). The instructions on how to enter are in the post but I’ll also leave it here to make it easier for you.

  1. Follow @skipthedishes and @mmadhungry on Instagram.
  2. Like the picture.
  3. Tag one friend per comment (1 comment = 1 entry). Unlimited entries, so tag alllll your friends! Can’t tag the same person more than once.

Contest closes on March 22, 2017 at midnight and the winner will be chosen on March 23, 2017.

That’s it, good luck! Back to the app, all the menu items are listed with descriptions and prices. Another neat feature in the app is being able to stalk your food… well, your delivery guy. It’s an app for all the busy homies out there who don’t have time to cook. And maybe for the lazy kids like me, when I just want to plant my ass on the couch and binge a couple of shows on Netflix.

For my first order, I decided to pick it up because delivery didn’t start until 5PM and I was a bit impatient [Update: Delivery starts at 11:30AM in Hamilton now!]. I put my order through and it was going to be ready in 20 minutes. The app showed when my order was confirmed by the restaurant and when it was completed for pick-up. Off we went to the restaurant to get my feast. When we got there, we pulled into a gas station! Phoenicia Food Express is located at Mohawk and Upper Gage in the Pioneer gas station. Surprisingly, this didn’t deter me from anything. I was still excited to stuff my face. The owner had some confusions with the system and the order that went through, so we waited about 10 minutes for him to make our order.

We went with 3 items: Chicken Curry Rice ($8.99), Mixed Plate ($11.99), and Phoenicia Combo Plate ($10.99) . The Phoenicia combo plate came with seasoned rice, chicken tawook, and a salad. The rice was lightly seasoned with spices like cinnamon then topped with chicken tawook, and the salad came in a second container. If you google chicken tawook, shish tawook will come up (which is chicken skewers). Well, the chicken was marinated or seasoned to a deep red colour and didn’t come in skewers, it didn’t even look like it was cooked on a skewer, plus it was as dry as chicken breast gets when you over cook it. The chicken in the chicken curry rice was the same, the rice was great though. Finally, the mixed plate had gyro beef, chicken tawook, and falafel on a salad. Again, stay away from the chicken. The beef and falafel were acceptable. The salads were fresh, crunchy, and loaded with a tangy vinaigrette, maybe a little too zesty.

Overall, the portions were massive and fed me for THREE meals. The food was average for the price point. It’s fast food and a quick bite to eat, so don’t have high expectations. Thumbs up for the rice, beef, and salad. Double thumbs up for the falafel!

I still had a little more than $13 in credits left over, so I made another order from Quesada.

This time, I literally got to track my driver on the map lol. The app told me where my driver was coming from and when my order was completed, picked up, on its way, and at my door. The app was updating in real time in tracking my driver! I went with an Ancho Pork Burrito Bowl ($6.99) and loaded it with anything and everything I could from their list of toppings. I paid a little extra for the convenience of staying planted on my couch with that $2.99 delivery fee. Not bad if you ordered few more dishes or a family dinner.

Try out Skip the Dishes on your desktop, laptop, or phone! Use my code MADHUNGRY17 to get 10% off your order or enter in my giveaway for $50 in credits. Skip the Dishes operates in many cities in Canada and USA, so check if they’re in your city before you enter the giveaway.

Gift cards were provided by Skip the Dishes, opinions expressed are my own.


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