Hey, I’m Andrea. I’m a graphic designer, food enthusiast, and a freelance food photographer whenever I have time. A few friends convinced me to start a food blog during my third year of university, back in 2010. That’s when my first blog, I’m Mad Hungry, came into the online world. It started out as a place where I could share my meals with anyone and everyone. From there, it grew to a blog where I shared food-related posts on a daily basis. I’d share my meals, snacks, recipes, and restaurant reviews. This extension of I’m Mad Hungry will focus on restaurant/product reviews, events, and recipes.

My passion for food sparked when I was about 10-11 years old, when I learned how to cook my first egg. Scrambled, sunny-side, over-easy, hard boiled, soft boiled. There were so many possibilities for one ingredient, it blew my mind. Although I didn’t start cooking and experimenting in the kitchen until my first year of university, I still enjoyed food. Canadian, American, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Thai, Indian, Parisian, German, Swedish, Italian, Mexican. It’s not all the cuisines in the world, but I’ve tried most of them. Coming from a Chinese family, saying ‘no’ to weird or gross looking food was not an option. And this is why I’m not afraid to try new foods, unless they’re insects!

Onto my other passions, photography and design. I’ve got to give all the credit to my dad, most of my hobbies come from him as well. Whenever we’d go on a road trip down to the states, across Canada, or travel overseas to Europe or Asia, he’d always have a camera with him. He used to work for Kodak ages ago and that’s when he started to love photography. After taking a photography class in high school, my passion really lifted off. We shot with film and developed our own photos in the dark room. It was so much fun, it didn’t even seem like a class! I also took all the art and design courses I could in high school, which led me to pursue graphic design in university.

My main goal for this blog is to share food, share culinary products and to share local restaurants in the Hamilton and Toronto area. No matter what cuisine it is or what country it’s from, food is food. Each region has it’s own specialties and ingredients that makes them interesting and different and I want to try them ALL.

Feel free to contact me at immadhungryblog@gmail.com. You can also find me on twitter and instagram!

All photos are taken by me unless stated otherwise. Thanks for stopping by!


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