Transparent Kitchen ft. Brux House

There’s a new platform for discovering locally sourced and well-prepared food on the internet. Transparent Kitchen reached out to me to take a look around their site. At first, I was confused, so I had a lot of questions. They set me up with their communications director to chat about the platform. So, here’s the run down.Read More »


Fresh City Farms

There are a l0t of recipe kit delivery services out there nowadays. It’s great because this means there’s a larger selection of recipes to choose from. Fresh City Farms provides the health and environmentally conscious home-cook with organic pre-packed recipes and ready-to-eat-meals delivered to your crib. They come in environmentally friendly, sustainable and re-usable bags to cut a fraction of the packaging waste. We all know it happens when it comes to food delivery, over-packing because they need to keep ingredients from cross-contaminating or making a mess. Fresh City Farm meals are left at your door with ice packs just in case you’re not home, so your food stays fresh.Read More »