The Beer Battered Haddock 2 pieces | $14.95

Gord’s Place

This sports bar is located right by the municipal buildings in Downtown St. Catharines. There is also plenty of parking on the street right outside the restaurant. Situated in a corner lot, Gord’s Place also has a patio in front of the building. The restaurant is spacious with the bar and dining area on the left and pool tables on the right. We were seated at the high tables in front of the bar with plenty of TVs to distract me from my company.Read More »


Burger’s Priest

During my internship in Toronto, I was aware of a lot of food joints around Queen and Spadina. It was actually pretty difficult trying to pick a restaurant for lunch because there were just SO many of them. Every time I passed by this restaurant, there would be a line out the door. Sally and I made out way there a bit before the lunch-rush and beat the line.Read More »

The Burgernator | $14.99

The Burgernator

We happened to stumble upon Kensington Market’s monthly street festival in the summer. Although we were there to check out Cold Tea, we ended up ditching the line and ate street food instead. We made our way from Cold Tea to Seven Lives, then through the street vendors on Augusta to The Burgernator. The door was wide open during a burning summer day, which means… they don’t have air conditioning.Read More »

Jack & Lois

It was patio season, so we decided to check out Jack & Lois’ patio! I was meeting three other girls at the restaurant, so my plan was to go through the restaurant and straight back to the patio. Well, apparently you can’t access the patio through the restaurant, you have to “follow the arrows”. Why did it have to be a treasure hunt? Could have just said, “Walk out, turn left and left again at the corner. And the patio will be beside the parking lot.” Looking out from the restaurant, there were 3 sets of arrows. Was the patio somewhere else and not attached to the restaurant? The correct set of arrows were on the pavement, so follow those. It’s behind the restaurant.Read More »

The Ship

Located on Augusta Street, the cozy pub serves delicious burgers, fish and chips, sandwiches, late night snacks and a selection of craft beer. The Ship and some of the restaurants on Augusta Street are revamped houses, so seating is super limited. It sits with a few other red-brick buildings with their own patio space leading to the restaurants. Inside, you’ll find a lot of nautical decor and craft beer propaganda on the walls, a few tables and a bar. There is also patio space in the backyard area and a lounge on the second floor.Read More »

The Burnt Tongue

A small restaurant that only serves burgers, soups and salads. You go in, order your food, sit down and wait for your food to be served to you. It’s a casual little restaurant with simple methods and simple food. The restaurant is located across the street from the Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Dau Bo on Canon Street in Downtown Hamilton.Read More »