Electric Mud BBQ

Electric Mud

We made it just in time before having to wait at the bar or the door for a seat. We found a spot on the patio and shared a picnic table with another party of three, cozy. Good thing Torontonians are pretty friendly at popular and  hip-to-the-bone restaurants because we shared a table with the guy behind Taste Toronto – Twitter, Instagram – and his friends! Inside, you’ll find tacky decor from the bar to the hanging signs on the walls. I like that they went all out with the trashy and vintage fixtures, it gives the restaurant character and a chill environment. The food on the other hand, is a complete 180. I also love their motto, ” If you can kill it, we can grill it!”. Another thing to point out, they only accept cash but they have an ATM on the 2nd floor right outside the washrooms.Read More »