Lamesa Filipino Kitchen

Lamesa Filipino Kitchen

You’ll find Lamesa Filipino Kitchen at Queen and Bathurst, sitting beside the black facade of Kenzo Ramen. The storefront and the restaurant itself is quite small. Inside, you’ll find a few tables at the front and more near the back past the bar. The space is modern, fun and clean. They have $5  snacks and daily specials written on a chalkboard. The menu was quite simple, which was great for Sally and I because this was our first experience with Filipino food… plus the waitress was nice enough to explain and recommend some dishes. The atmosphere is chill and intimate with attentive staff.

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Burger’s Priest

During my internship in Toronto, I was aware of a lot of food joints around Queen and Spadina. It was actually pretty difficult trying to pick a restaurant for lunch because there were just SO many of them. Every time I passed by this restaurant, there would be a line out the door. Sally and I made out way there a bit before the lunch-rush and beat the line.Read More »

Spaghetti Di Mare


Located in the popular neighbourhood of Queen West, Destingo is an easy-to-spot restaurant. Their patio is as big as their indoor dining room, perfect for summer lunches and dinners. Decor is a combination of authentic, rustic and modern pieces. The kitchen is tucked away behind a wall, but it’s still open to half of the dining room. Staff members are friendly and observant.Read More »