Paramount Fine Foods [New Menu Items]

Paramount Fine Foods, the modern Middle Eastern restaurant serving fresh farm to table food,  recently introduced two new menu items and they invited me and a few Hamilton foodies to check it out! This wasn’t my first time coming to this location, it’s probably my fourth. So I already knew my meal was going to be delicious.Read More »

Nabil’s Middle East Fast Food

Nabil’s is a family-owned and operated restaurant at the corner of Wilson Street and James Street North, diagonally across from Jackson Square. They are a dine-in and take-out restaurant serving a variety of Mediterranean food. If you’re looking to veer away from the chain restaurants and food court pita/shwarma options, then Nabil’s is a great place to start. They have hummus, fresh salads, shish kebab, and meat platters. Their meals are well balanced with proteins and vegetables to keep you healthy and energized for work and play! I don’t know how they make money because their homemade food is so insanely cheap, their portion sizes are ridiculously generous too!

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