Han Ba Tang

Han Ba Tang

I first found out about this restaurant when I was browsing my Instagram feed. What caught my eye were a few things: Korean fusion tapas, pretty-looking cocktails (even though I’m not a drinker), their beautiful light bulb sign, and their decor. What I didn’t realize was their location… not downtown Toronto. I started my mini road trip in Hamilton and made my way to downtown Toronto then to North York. The restaurant is relatively easy to find, only being 2-3 blocks north of the 401. They don’t have a sign outside in English phonetics, just a sing with Korean characters in orange. You’ll see their giant light bulb sign once you peer through the window or walk in the restaurant.

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Ryus Noodle Bar

This is one of three competing noodle restaurants in Baldwin Village. Their menu is minimal and clear, with beautiful photography. I haven’t been to a lot of ramen restaurants, but ordering was kinda different. Each ramen comes with a special sauce and there are six to choose from. They recommend that you add the special sauce after you’ve eaten half of the ramen. It allows you experience a different flavour of your noodles! Interesting!Read More »