Pollo Tuscany Spaghetti | $18.95

La Spaghett

I came here with 2 friends on a Wednesday and didn’t make a reservation. We walked in and found out it had a super small dining area, it probably seated about 25-30 people. We waited for about 15 minutes and got a table. The interior was dimly lit with dark walls and white table cloths.

970 Upper James Street, Hamilton |  Facebook  | Website | Menu | Map

Bread and Butter
Bread and Butter
Garlic Soup  |  $5.95
Garlic Soup | $5.95
Pollo Tuscany Spaghetti  |  $18.95
Pollo Tuscany Spaghetti | $18.95

Before coming to the restaurant, my cousin warned me that the portions were ridiculously large. My friends and I decided to share the pasta. We ordered the Pollo Tuscany with Spaghetti, I also ordered a garlic soup and Michelle went with a Chicken Caesar Salad. Even though we split the pasta, I was only able to barely finish my half! Yes, the portions are insanely large. Definitely worth your time and money. The pasta itself was saucy, seasoned well and delicious. My soup was also very garlic-y and well-seasoned.

Our dinner experience was enjoyable and relaxing. It’s a great place for date-night or a quiet and filling evening.

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